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Multi-layer structure of shelf
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About Us

    Nanjing Tongnuo Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a collection of storage cage, shelves, logistics containers, the digital equipment and other products development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of professional firms. Over the years, the company keeps track of the latest developments in the world warehousing and logistics technology, a new concept of modern logistics, a wealth of experience in the industry, according to the different requirements of the market and customers and the actual needs, to provide users with the application of different needs of storage and logistics system solutions. And the use of sophisticated manufacturing technology and advanced production equipment, production, processing, distribution and transshipment, warehousing, transportation, handling and distribution of all aspects of customers' construction projects to provide state-of-the-art, practical, efficient, safe, varied warehousing and logistics products and processes location appliance, praised by users.

Product Series

Storage cage, plant quarantine network mesh series: storage cage, folding storage cage, butterfly cage, non standard storage cage, the standard storage cage, the United States and solid cage, storage cage, metal cage, the European storage cage and workshop turnover storage cage, workshop separation mesh, shelf-layer network.

Storage shelves series: light shelves, the shelves of the A, B, shelves, heavy duty shelves, attic shelves, steel platform, through the shelves, mold shelves, fluent shelves

Product Application

The company provides products mainly used in automobiles, machinery, household appliances, light industry, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical and commercial logistics and other industries. The company continues to develop new products and improve existing products, considerable emphasis on the application of new technology in the product. Based on years of experience in the industry, the products are divided into three categories of station equipment, logistics containers, storage shelves, to provide comprehensive, tailor-made services for the plant. Geely Group, Hunan Satellite TV, the Group, Bayer Chemical, LG Electronics, AO Smith, Shenyang Machine Tool Company has provided quality service and well received.

Company Vision

Continuous learning and innovation, constantly absorbing new technology, and constantly improve the product line; optimization, optimize our customers on-site, standing on the point of view of the logistics supply chain optimization of logistics consolidation program to bring customers; constantly improve the core competitiveness of the customer force, to create value for our customers.

About Us