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Multi-layer structure of shelf
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After-sales service

 Service commitment
The content primarily of the following aspects:
Warranty period: lifetime limited warranty.
Second, during the warranty period, the warranty of terms of service:
1, to provide a complete overall design;
2, the design of the program, drawing with the user drawing countersigned;
3, sale and installation (when foreign customers need to arrange for installation of the Division I)
(1), (s) the day of the customer, the installer will arrive at the scene of the Company's inventory of goods, together with our customers.
(2), the installation team the installation instructions engineers under the leadership of, and strictly according to the drawings, construction if the site does not match with the drawings, general questions and resolve installation as a criterion to obtain reasonable. A serious problem or the customer ex parte change the installation place and form, you must discuss with customers by sales engineers recognized by the design department reasonable or by the corresponding reasonable remedial program, must be re-confirmed by the customer.
(3) After installation, the installation engineer must be installed with customer acceptance of the location appliance line. Customers to be fully recognized and signed acceptance back to the company.
4, the acceptance to provide users with quality certification, quality guarantee.
5, after the warranty expires, we are still under warranty, is still charged for the cost.
Shelf maintenance program of implementation of the plan: we offer a free maintenance plan, once the installation is complete, the following information will be compiled archive.
(1), the customer full name, address, phone, fax.
(2), the location appliance type
(3) the installation site address
(4), the full set of drawings
(5), the actual bill of materials for installation
(6), the installation completion date
(7), in the course of the visit, identify problems and take measures to record
(8) to check the name of the installation of the company's employees
(9), parts replacement records
(10), component replacement position
7 maintenance checks content:
(1), check the location appliance use
(2), check the size and type of storage of goods
(3) Check the appearance of the configuration is actually consistent with the original
(4), the amount of deformation of the inspection station APPARATUS
(5) Check the safety pin is complete, with or without damage
(6) Check the beams resting gear, and accessories are damaged, calibration column straightness
(7) to check that the weight of the cargo tray
(8), check the expansion bolts
(9), check and foot protection and other protective measures
(10) If the ground is sinking or damage caused by racking systems can not be used by the standard, the need to write a report and handed over to the customer to discuss corrective measures
8, we received user equipment failure notice given within one hour response, to provide customers with efficient after-sales service support, until the customer to solve the problem.