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Multi-layer structure of shelf
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through the Rack

 through the Rack
First, the design basis

shelves design, manufacturing, installation, acceptance of the implementation of standards and comply with the requirements of other relevant standards.

1) CECS23 steel shelves structural design specifications "

2) GBJ17-88 "steel structure design specifications"

3) QB/KS1002-9 steel structure plug-shelf technology conditions "

Second, through the Rack assembled perspective view of
贯通式货架贯通货架 767x1024 贯通货架

Through shelves, through the shelves

Third, through shelves composition and description

1, back pull: to increase the overall stability of the shelf.

 2, bracing: rungs and columns to form a column disc, to increase the strength and stability of the column pieces.

 3 rungs: and columns, bracing up the column piece, to increase the strength and stability of the column pieces.

 4, the top Latin America: to increase the overall stability of the shelf.

 5, bottom corner: the pieces connected with the column, fixed on the ground, play a supportive role.

 6, beams: horizontal shelves connected pieces.

7, the shelf: and corbels connection, cargo tray placed on the pieces.

8, column: the vertical support member, play a supportive role.

 Single bracket: connected with the column, cantilever support goods.

 10 double corbels: connection with the column, cantilever support goods.

 Shelf surface treatment and color:

1, the treatment process:

1.1 cold-rolled plate pre-treatment process (no Rust state)

High-pressure water washing degreasing → washing → Table tune → washing → phosphate →

1.2 hot rolled plates and profiles pre-treatment process

Oil-free status: pickling → washing → Table adjusted washed phosphate → high-pressure water washing.

Oil state: pickling → washing → degreasing → washing → → Table adjusted phosphate → high-pressure water washing

2, passed ISO9000 quality certification production of high quality epoxy polyester powder coating.

3, spray the surface is smooth, smooth, consistent color.

Seven, through shelves Features:

Used in large memory capacity, the fewer varieties of goods, forklifts directly into the cargo Channel storage of goods, storage utilization.

Eight tubes general formula shelf design elements:

1, the weight of the goods (including pallet);

2, the size of the tray and the size of the goods (width × depth × height);

3, the storage area of the building;

4, forklift models and to enhance the height and other parameters;

5, the direction of goods in and out of the library and requirements.

Through shelves, also known as Rack Corridor or drive-in rack. Through shelves tray access mode for less variety, type of large quantities of cargo storage. Through shelves in addition to the cargo space close to the channel, the forklift need to enter the shelves internal access to goods, usually single-sided pick recommends no more than seven cargo space depth. To improve the speed of the forklift, select the configuration guide rail according to actual needs, compared with the digital goods on the shelves, through shelves (Drive-shelf) library space utilization can be increased more than 30%, through shelves (Drive-in shelves) are widely used in cold storage and food, tobacco industry.

Through shelves according to the actual need to select the configuration guide rail.

Through shelves in the same space than the usual pallet racking almost twice the amount of storage capacity, because of the abolition of the roadway located between the rows of shelves, the shelves are combined to make the same layer, the same column of the goods through each other.

Through shelves are widely used for high-volume, less variety of goods storage of such goods packaging unified, single product, such as: food, tobacco, and cold storage warehouse.

贯通式货架驶入式货架 贯通货架